We’re very excited to be hosting a Family Day in Parkville (Melbourne) on
Sunday 26th March 2023 for families of children with Usher syndrome of all
ages. Siblings and grandparents are more than welcome.

The day will run from 11am – 3pm and lunch will be provided. On the day
parents will have the opportunity to meet our entire UsherKids team as well
as other parents of children with Usher syndrome. We will have a variety of
informal discussions to allow the adults to learn and exchange information.
We also have Dr Kim Hazendonk from Positive Brain joining us to talk about how
we can manage stressors and offer insight into our brain’s responses.
She will provide strategies on how we can modify the brain’s neural pathways to
enable the release of more “happy” chemicals to help us cope in stressful situations.

We’ll also have a wonderful wildlife activity organised for the kids and
some other fun things.

For more information, email tracey@usherkidsaustralia.com

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