Join Run Melbourne and Make a Difference for UsherKids Australia!
Run Melbourne 2024
Date: Sunday, 21st July
Location: Federation Square, Melbourne

Ready to run for a cause?
This year, lace up your sneakers and be a part of Run Melbourne, a community event bringing together thousands of passionate runners to make a positive impact. We invite you to join us in raising much-needed funds for UsherKids Australia.

Why UsherKids Australia?
Can you imagine the heartbreak of discovering that your precious baby is profoundly deaf and may never hear your voice? And then, months later, learning that they will also slowly lose their vision? This is the unimaginable reality for hundreds of families across Australia whose child is born with Usher syndrome, a rare genetic condition that causes deafness from birth, balance issues, and progressive vision loss. As these families grapple with the shock and devastation of their child’s diagnosis, they face a future filled with uncertainty and fear.

UsherKids Australia was founded ten years ago by two brave mothers, Emily and Hollie, who both have children with Usher syndrome. Faced with a lack of resources and support, they dedicated themselves to building the community and network they desperately needed but couldn’t find. UsherKids Australia provides comprehensive support to families, offering critical services such as targeted parent programs, educational workshops, professional development, and connections to specialists and other families experiencing the same journey. They also advocate for better awareness and research funding, striving to improve the quality of life and future prospects for every child with Usher syndrome.

For the past three years, UsherKids Australia has been supported by federal government funding. However, they have just received the devastating news that this funding will cease as of 30th June 2024. This funding cut threatens to dismantle the lifeline that over 100 families and hundreds of professionals rely on for guidance, support, and hope. Without this crucial financial backing, many families will be left to navigate this overwhelming and isolating journey alone.
The impact of UsherKids Australia on the lives of children with Usher syndrome and their families is profound and irreplaceable. They provide not just support, but a sense of community and understanding that these families cannot find anywhere else. We cannot allow this vital organisation to falter. Your support can make all the difference. Please, show you believe in their mission and the future of these children by donating whatever you can today. Together, we can ensure that no family faces Usher syndrome alone.

How to Get Involved:
Register: Sign up for Run Melbourne at
Join Team UsherKids: During registration, choose to join or create a team supporting UsherKids Australia.
Fundraise: Set up your fundraising page and share your mission with friends, family, and colleagues. Every dollar raised makes a significant impact.
Run/Walk: Choose your distance – 5K, 10K, or Half Marathon – and enjoy a day filled with fun, fitness, and community spirit.

Event Highlights:
Your participation and fundraising efforts will provide hope and support to children with Usher syndrome. Together, we can make a difference in their lives, one step at a time.

Ready to run?
Register now and start your journey to help UsherKids Australia!
For more information contact us at

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