USHER in FOCUS – Usher Clinical Guidelines Session 2

Dr Sandra Staffieri – Paediatric Orthoptist

Assessment of Retinitis Pigmentosa, Eye Appointments and Eye Care, The Importance of Regular Eye Monitoring


Q&A Ask an Eye Specialist with Sandra 30 MINUTES



Dr. Sandra Staffieri 

Dr. Sandra Staffieri is a Senior Clinical Orthoptist at Melbourne Children’s Eye Clinic and the Royal Children’s Hospital. Having recently completed her PhD at the University of Melbourne, Dr Staffieri is a Research Fellow at the Centre for Eye Research Australia. 

Assessment of Retinitis Pigmentosa, Eye Appointments and Eye Care & the Importance of Regular Eye Monitoring 

Dr. Staffieri will present the assessment of retinitis pigmentosa in a paediatric patient and how clinicians can work with families to provide the best outcomes from eye appointments. She will discuss the importance of regular eye monitoring to track the progression of the disease to allow appropriate strategies and supports to be introduced to manage the reducing visual field. 

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