Assistive Technology

Word of Mouth Technology

Word of Mouth – A company that provides assisted living and alerting devices for people with hearing impairments, such as smoke alarms, doorbells, alarm clocks and TV streamers. 


Cochlear online store

Cochlear: a range of accessories specific to those with cochlear implants including wireless tv streamers, phone clips and microphones, as well as accessories to help keep sound processors on



Phonak Roger System

Phonak Roger System: explaining the benefits of using a personal microphone Roger system and includes a range of Roger for Education products to suit every student and every situation.


Hearing Australia - How can technology help my child manage hearing loss at primary school?

Hearing Australia: information sheet that lists assistive listening devices and technology for school aged children to use in school and at home.



Molly Watt Youtube

Molly Watts YouTube: Molly Watts is a young adult with Usher syndrome Type 2. This video discusses the assistive technology she uses.



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