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The Genetic Support Network Victoria (GSNV) is a vibrant and active organisation committed to promoting the interests and well-being of people affected by genetic conditions.  The Network is proud to be associated with a wide range of support groups throughout Victoria and Australia as well as peak professional bodies such as Victorian Clinical Genetics Services.

The Statewide Vision Resource Centre (SVRC) supports over 500 students with vision impairments (blindness and low vision) in Victorian schools. Funded by the Department of Education and Training (DET), the SVRC is the leading centre of educational expertise and provider of materials in alternative format for eligible students with vision impairments in Victoria.

Aurora School is an innovative educational organisation that provides optimal learning environments for Deaf and Deafblind children and their families across the State of Victoria. Communication, Language and Literacy form the foundation of programs that support each child’s whole development. The addition of an Inclusive Community Kindergarten supports access to the broader environment.

Victorian Clinical Genetics Services (VCGS) delivers expert genetic testing and genetic support services to thousands of families in Victoria, throughout Australia, and around the world. A subsidiary of the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, VCGS provides both clinical and laboratory pathology services for genetic diagnosis, as well as screening and counselling, through a team of clinical geneticists, genetic counsellors, laboratory scientists, metabolic physicians, social workers and support staff.

Monash Genetics Clinic

Monash Genetics Clinic provides for the diagnosis, management, counselling and support of adults and children with a wide range of genetic disorders and also includes prenatal diagnosis for various genetic conditions.

Paediatric Hearing Loss Investigation Clinic

The Paediatric Hearing Loss Investigation Clinic (PHLIC) is located at Monash Children’s Hospital in Clayton. Children see a paediatrician and audiologist to provide a comprehensive and integrated assessment of the possible aetiology of their hearing loss. Further investigations may be required including ENT, genetic, radiological and ophthalmological assessment. All referrals and correspondence :

Caring for Hearing Impaired Children

The Caring for Hearing Impaired Children (CHIC) clinic at the Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne provides coordinated medical and developmental care, including assessment, management and surveillance of infants and children with permanent sensorineural hearing loss.

    Victorian Deaf Education Institute (VDEI) is part of the Inclusive Education Professional Practice Branch in the Department of Education and Training in Victoria and contributes to improvements in the educational outcomes for the 4,000 students in Victoria who are deaf or hard of hearing.

      Access for All Abilities is a referral service connecting people with a disability to sports and recreational opportunities in Victoria. Their website allows you to search for a nearby accessible sport or activity.

      Disability Sports and Recreation is a service directory to help Victorians with disability live happier, more active lives by ensuring they have equal opportunities to take part in the sport and recreation activities they want to participate in.

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