Return to Onsite Learning_Information and Strategies for Students with Hearing Loss_2021

Here is a great resource as our Victorian families prepare to RETURN TO ONSITE LEARNING.

Strategies to support students with a hearing loss and their teachers – Implications and considerations of increased background noise and face mask wearing on communication for students who are Deaf or hard of hearing.
Increased Face Mask Wearing:
• New Mask Guidelines: ‘Strongly recommended’ in Years F-2 and
mandated in Years 3-12. Removal of masks for ‘effective communication’
is permitted, such as communicating to individuals with hearing loss
• Masks reduce clarity, muffle sound and reduce voice projection
• Students will be unable to see facial expressions or lip read
• The energy and focus to listen will heighten, creating greater fatigue
Background Noise:
• Classes tend to be initially noisier upon return to onsite learning
• Air purifiers and ventilation systems will create additional noise
• External and shared doors being open will add to background noise
• Many schools are minimising room contents which means classroom
acoustics will be impacted creating potentially noisier environments
• Outdoor learning will present challenges for communication
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