We are thrilled to announce the recent publication of an article titled “Exploring methodologies for establishing prevalence of deafblindness in children: A scoping review” in the prestigious British Journal of Visual Impairment.UsherKids Australia CEO, Emily Shepard, along with authors Leo Doherty, Giorgina Maxwell, Sue Silveira and Meredith Prain, focused on the challenging task of determining the prevalence of deafblindness in children in this current research. They conducted a comprehensive review, examining methodologies used in both peer-reviewed and grey literature, revealing the complexities in defining, assessing, and diagnosing childhood deafblindness.

Key Findings:
The literature on deafblindness in children highlighted a lack of comprehensive descriptions of the characteristics and needs of this population.

Inconsistencies among researchers in defining, assessing, and diagnosing deafblindness pose challenges for meaningful comparisons.

Accurate descriptions of the childhood deafblind population are crucial for understanding their unique needs.We recognise the need for continued research and unified efforts to accurately describe and address the needs of children with deafblindness.

These recommendations for assessing this population aim to pave the way for future studies and interventions.

To read the article in full, follow this link:


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