We are overwhelmed with the funds raised so far by Usher champion Anthony who is running a marathon on behalf of his nephew, Jett, who has recently been diagnosed with Usher syndrome. Anthony, along with his brothers and friends are either running a Marathon (42.2km), walking 20km or cycling 75km on Saturday 13 Nov 2021, which is two days after Jett’s 2nd Birthday. The money raised will support UsherKids Australia and the work we do to ensure children diagnosed with Usher syndrome and their families have access to an informed, committed and caring community of clinicians, service providers, educators, researchers and peer support networks to allow them to thrive in their everyday endeavours. Thanks Anthony and all the best for the marathon training! If you’d like to show your support, please visit the below link:https://www.gofundme.com/…/running-a-marathon-for-usher… If you’d like more information, please email us info@usherkidsaustralia.com 

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